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When arriving in Canada, there are many programs that can assist in adjusting and setting up a new life.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) offers free and basic language instruction to adult newcomers to Canada. The service in offered by the Government of Canada, who runs the service in conjunction with provincial governments, school boards, community colleges, and immigrant and community organizations.

For more information, please visit the website:‑22e.html.

Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program

Many newcomers need special assistance in their first year in Canada. There are many programs designed to help new migrants adjust to a new language and culture. They can:

    * refer someone to economic, social, health, cultural, educational and recreational services;
    * give tips on banking, shopping, managing a household and other everyday tasks;
    * provide interpreters or translators
    * provide non‑therapeutic counselling
    * help prepare a professional‑looking résumé and learn job‑searching skills

For more information, visit the website:‑20e.html

Host Program
The Canadian Government also runs a program called 'The Host Program'. The aim of the program is to help new migrants to adjust to life in Canada by matching them with a Canadian who will volunteer to spend some time each week with the new migrant, help practice English or French, etc. This is a great way to receive help for doing essential tasks, such as shopping for groceries, registering children at a local school, using public transport or understanding the telephone or utilities systems.

For more information, please visit the website:‑newcomer.html

Make a new Canadian friend
Could you use some help adjusting to your new life in Canada? It takes time and support to learn a new way of life. The Host Program is designed to help you. The Host Program will match you with a Canadian who will volunteer to spend some time each week with you.

Helping you adjust to life in Canada

Your new Canadian friend can help you practise English or French. You can talk about what you need help with — whether it’s help shopping for groceries or registering your children at your local school.

You may need help using local public transit or understanding the telephone or utilities systems. You might want to talk with your new Canadian friend about the social and recreational activities available in your area.

Join the Host Program at no cost
 Your new Canadian friend will not give you living accommodations or money. But, they will be happy to help you in many ways that will make your first months in Canada much easier. There is no cost to you to join the Host Program.

The Canadians who volunteer for the Host Program are not paid. They are proud of their country and want to share Canadian culture with you. You will also find that they are interested in learning about your culture. Everybody benefits from the Host Program.
To find out more about the Host Program contact an immigrant‑serving organization in your area or the CIC Call Centre.

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